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Deice With Fire

more fun than salt
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pour some flammable chemical all over icy roads and light up. Added heat improves traction faster than salt or sand alone; flames warn drivers that ice is present and they need to slow down.

Pork in the government appropriation bill for this will buy custard treats for cats.

sninctown, Nov 27 2005

Deicing Torch http://www.amazon.c...EGQ3KRZQB6&v=glance
You could assign a platoon of walking workers armed with these to keep the roads free of ice. [jurist, Nov 28 2005]


       // flames warn drivers that ice is present // Oh, that's good. +
moomintroll, Nov 27 2005

       If the cats get custard, won't the pirates get jealous? I'd ARRRGGGGue that they would.
sleeka, Nov 27 2005

       [+] for thinking of the cats
gorjabuble, Nov 28 2005

       Burning liquid on top of ice will usually not be very effective at transfering heat downward. On the other hand, us cats do appreciate your kind thoughts.
supercat, Nov 28 2005

       Maybe it wouldn't melt the ice but I do think the warning driver's to slow down part would work awfully well.
PollyNo9, Nov 28 2005

       I think I misunderstood this, Where does the Pork come into it?
Minimal, Nov 28 2005

       When I first saw the title for this, I thought about icing on aircraft wings, etc. So, I thought of a what the captain would say, "Ladies and Gentlement. Please don't be alarmed by the flaming wings. We are de-icing." or "Smoking is now permitted on this flight, provided you are wing-walking." or "We've added a new flame broiler to our wings. Please indicate to your flight attendant if you'd like your burgers well done or rare."
pathetic, Nov 28 2005


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