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Delightful Butter Stick

So much simpler than using a knife...
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A glue stick type contraption that contains your favorite brand of butter. Easy as pie - twist up the butter stick and apply to toast, steak, corn, etc. When finished, recap and refrigerate. Saves the mess, the melting, the extra knife...
lxs, Mar 24 2004

Butter Dispenser http://www.nutritio...butterdispenser.htm
$24.95 USD in White Plastic with 4 changeable decorating discs; $59.95USD in stainless steel with 7 changeable discs. Also good for soft cheeses. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Halfbakery Prior Art http://www.halfbake..._20a_20metal_20tube
Glue stick butter dispenser described by [Miss bunny] on Independence Day in 2001. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Spokesperson http://www.homestar...er.com/vcr_kot.html
Link will open flash movie [Mr Burns, Oct 04 2004]

Butter applicator, like a glue stick http://www.amazon.c.../product/B0000CFLMQ
A simple holder with a plunger and a cap. [DaveYost, Dec 03 2005]


       I thought this was going to be a "Last Tango in Paris" merchandising idea.
hippo, Mar 24 2004

       Refrigeration optional.
lxs, Mar 24 2004

       Fill it with margarine.
skinflaps, Mar 24 2004

       I've seen butter (well, margarine, actually) in a squeeze bottle. This gets around the spreader issue. +
DrCurry, Mar 24 2004

       Spreadable butter recipie: take ordinary butter ( 1 stick, room temperature) and put it in a bowl with 4 tablespoons canola oil. Mix well. Warm slightly if necessary to achieve complete blending.   

       This can be refrigerated, and retains its spreadability even when cold. More canola oil = better spreadability but less buttery goodness. Less oil = firmer and less spreadable, but more buttery goodness. Adjust oil to your personal preference.
Freefall, Mar 24 2004

       LD_ Thanks [Freefall].
dpsyplc, Mar 24 2004

       Wait a minute ... have you ever seen what can collect on a glue stick? Sprinkles from one art project, dry macaroni the next. Steak from last night might end up on your toast the next morning ... ick.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 24 2004

       Bun. Just mix the peanut butter wiht molasses or honey. Tastes great and softens it up too!
Eugene, Mar 24 2004

       Buy a butter dish.
squeak, Mar 25 2004

       //Steak from last night might end up on your toast the next morning//   

       Do you really butter your steaks [letsbuildafort]?
suctionpad, Mar 25 2004

       I'm sure we did this last year - or was that roller-ball butter. Anyway, [lbaf] made the point that I made then.
PeterSilly, Mar 25 2004

       A butter bell works pretty good for this IMHO. A butter bell is two bowls fitted together, such that the bottom bowl holds water, while the top bowl is inverted, packed with butter, and then immersed in the water. The water provides a room temperature seal that keeps the butter soft while keeping out the air so the butter doesn't go rancid as quickly as it would if one left it out in the open air.   

       Changing the water every few days helps to keep you from thinking that algae is growing inside there too. :)   

       But, you could then rig some sort of twisty piston thing to the end and have your butter-applicator. Just let the bell drip a bit so you dont get soggy toasts...
smurfzilla, Jul 01 2004

       Buttering steaks is very common in restaurants.
bristolz, Dec 04 2005

       [This has to be one of the slower conversations on the Halfbakery...]
DrCurry, Dec 04 2005

       Just matches my cognitive abilities.
bristolz, Dec 04 2005


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