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Deliver it on Saturday

Special instructions on a package to make the Post Office deliver it on Saturday
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When I order something online I frequently have it delivered to my work address as there's not always someone at home to receive packages during the week. But then of course I have to struggle home on the crowded Tube with whatever it is.
So, my idea is to be able to check the 'Deliver this item on Saturday' box when ordering something online. Amazon (or whoever) would put a big 'Saturday' sticker on the package and it would be held back at my local Postal sorting office until the next Saturday when it would be delivered. I'd have to stay in until 10-ish (which is when the post comes round here) but that might be preferable to getting big things delivered at work or getting a BearBox (discussed elsewhere on the HalfBakery).
It just needs setting up by the Post Office...
hippo, Dec 19 2000

click the third arrow: "assorted delivery options" http://www.consigni...twedo/whatwedo5.htm
"Post Office branches now offer Local Collect as an alternative nominated delivery point for home shoppers." No information on how to say you want this though. I guess you could just leave a sticker on your door - but it's a bit of an advert that you're not at home. [sappho, Mar 18 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       They'll like the idea; they'll just charge an extra "holding fee".
hello_c, Dec 20 2000

       I seem to remember, when I worked in an office that was open 7 days a week, we were able to have pkgs delivered on Saturday (for an additional charge - of course) that we might not have received until Monday.
oic, Dec 20 2000

       Great idea! I could really use this as well. The postal service might need some additional storage space for the backlog of packages that would occur during the week -- and they might need extra delivery trucks on Saturday -- but overall, I think web consumers would really go for (and pay for) this service.
crayfish, Dec 20 2000

       I liken this to requested delivery on a particular day, any day, of the week.

As internet based postage becomes more widely available, perhaps the delivery service could quickly scan the postage stamp that is tied to the shippers account and authorized a forward to your address on the spot. The scanner would print out a redirection sticker with the change of address, timed to your stated delivery date preference. I think the Post Office spends enough on forwarding, returning mail, and collecting short postage to justify a limited number of redirections. If this was to become extravagant, the postage account of the remailer could be debited for the handling fee.
reensure, Dec 20 2000

       Most of my neighbours are retired and they're all very happy to take delivery of packages for me during the week. Plus, I get a free cup of tea when I go round to pick things up. Who needs special labels and tick boxes! (of course I have to chat with them for half an hour, but it's a small price to pay).
DrBob, Dec 21 2000

       You know your neighbours?
Detly, Dec 22 2000

       Unfortunately, my neighbors are happy to, ahem, take delivery of packages for me, too.
jester, Mar 16 2002

       bristolz, : I'd like to take a moment to quote from a popular film "Welcome to the real world"   

       I think saturday deliveries would be excellant in order to stop my neighbours from getting free DVD's courtesy of me. :)
wolfsbane, Mar 18 2002

       In the UK you can have things held for you at your local Post Office, not just the sorting centre. I don't know how it works to organise it in advance, but recently when I had a parcel delivered at home that I couldn't stay in for, and couldn't get to the parcel depot, I called up and they sent it over to the newsagent/postoffice at the bottom of my street. I had to pay 50 pence but I picked it up at 5.15pm on my way home from the college. They put a 'Local Collection' sticker on it. When I lived on a remote-ish Scottish island for a summer, in a croft with no letterbox and up a lane that the van couldn't climb, I got all my mail sent to me, c/o the postmistress at the village post office. Every couple of days I would pick it up myself.
sappho, Mar 18 2002


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