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Delivery coverage maps

A website with food delivery coverage maps
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A map (google mashup maybe) which shows the various food delivery options for any given address. You could enter your street address and get a listing of all applicable restaurants or food delivery services that cover your area along with their contact info and location on a map and the expected delivery times for each business...or at least transit time for a driver on direct route so that you have a minimum wait time.

Current listings simply state whether or not a place delivers, not how far they deliver.

This website could get money based on referrals to the local restaurants. It would be useful to local businesses that deliver because they would be able to determine where sparse coverage areas are located. They would want to be listed in order to reach those customers who use the service.

toodles, Jun 26 2009

Room Service http://www.roomserv....com/howitworks.asp
Delivery from any restaurant [csea, Jun 29 2009]

GrubHub http://www.grubhub.com/
San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, Philadelpha. No map-mash-up display of results, but otherwise close. [jutta, Jul 08 2009]

MyDeliveryList http://www.mydeliverylist.com
Find out and share who delivers with others. [toodles, Dec 16 2009]


       Woo - 7 anonymous bun deliveries. Add mine to the pile. I'd love this, and the logical platform would be Google Earth. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2009

       I want to overlay this on a demographic map, for the sociological fun of it.
swimswim, Jun 28 2009

       I wonder if they deliver croissants? +
blissmiss, Jun 28 2009

       In my neck of the woods, there's a local business that will deliver from nearly any restaurant in the county for a fixed fee. [link]   

       They've been around for at least 10 years, so must be a viable business.
csea, Jun 29 2009

       An even better use for the knowledge of where sparse coverage areas are located, would be to help a food service decide where to add a new location.   

       swimswim, technically, this idea *is* for a kind of demographic map :)   

       As for socialogical "fun," it would be even more interesting if one could make a map of regions where people order food delivered, with "density" at any point being how often food was delivered to that address over the sampling period (the past month, year, whatever). After all, toodles idea only really gives info about resaurants, whereas this version would give info about people and populations.
goldbb, Jun 29 2009

       // This website could get money based on referrals to the local restaurants [toddles]   

       // a map of regions where people order food delivered... this version would give info about people and populations [goldbb]   

       Might be more profitable to develop an app that does both: map the delivery options for restaurant customers, and sell the delivery stats to the restaurants. If the Web site acts as an food delivery "agent" (that is, takes your order and forwards it to the restaurant), collecting those stats would be a piece of cake.   

       Of course, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if franchises like Pizza Hut, etc. already do this at the corporate level to determine where/whether to allow a new franchisee.
Capt Skinny, Jul 09 2009

       Oh, and for a more accurate delivery estimate, have each delivery driver carry a cell phone with GPS and a custom app that communicates with the site in near real-time. BTW, [+].
Capt Skinny, Jul 09 2009

       Maybe they could add hot zone clocks that show "time left to order" to get special offers from a restaurant about to make a delivery in your area.   

       They should be able to give a bonus to the original order also, if orders can be shipped together they save/make a little extra.   

       A small break on price, a free drink, dessert, bread sticks, or a coupon to use on your next order, something like that.
oyea6, Jul 09 2009

       Well, I've maybe 0.75 baked this idea at the mydeliverylist link. It doesn't have an interactive map, but interfaces with google in the background. I've got about a million ideas for expanding the concept and smoothing out the website. The problem is that it obviously has taken some time to get even this baked. Has anyone invented a time machine that works yet?
toodles, Dec 16 2009


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