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For when it's one of those mornings
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Part of this completely hopeless existence. This frowny face cereal is completely bland and it doesn't matter what it is fortified with as long as it can take your mind off your life for a short period of time. A perfect meal for when you have just woken up at 3 in the afternoon. There is no need for milk; tears or alcohol are adequate substitutes considering that depressios will only sink to the bottom anyway.

Best served with a grain of salt or something bitter.

sartep, Jul 16 2003

Depressio http://homestarrunner.com/sbemail6.html
Strong Sad might appreciate this cereal. [Flash] [Qinopio, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Bad day at the track?
sambwiches, Jul 16 2003

       There's a whole lot of bad in those little O's.
sild, Jul 16 2003

       you mean a pinch of salt.
po, Jul 16 2003

       Best taken with a grain of salt.
thumbwax, Jul 16 2003

       Provides 20% RDA of Prozac.
egbert, Jul 16 2003

       You are correct, I needed to change that.
sartep, Jul 16 2003

       Amitriptyline Frosted Flakes
Amoxapine Shredded Wheat
Bupropion Bran
Clomipramine Crunch
Desipramine Grahams
Doxepin Muesli
Fluoxetine Fruits 'n Nuts
Fluvoxamine Granola
Imipramine 'n Raisins
Isocarboxazid Krunchies
Maprotiline Mini-bites
Nortriptyline Loops
Paroxetine Pops
Phenelzine Krispies
Protriptylin Tarts
Sertraline Snaps
Tranylcypromine Oats
Trimipramine Toasties
Trazodone Extra Fiber
Venlafaxine 'n 'Mallows
thumbwax, Jul 16 2003

       But those might make people feel alot better. :)
sartep, Jul 16 2003

       Well, in that case, Ketamine is already called Breakfast Cereal, Special-K, Super-K and Vitamin K. You wouldn't really need to change the slang for Barbituates either: Barbs, Block busters, Christmas trees, Goof balls, Pinks, Red devils, Reds and blues, Yellow jackets...
thumbwax, Jul 16 2003

       Morning - afternoon - when will it end?   

       It doesn't end - it's a cereal.
dweeb, Jul 16 2003

egbert, Jul 16 2003

       Ha, all five are good suggestions.
sartep, Jul 17 2003

       I could have done with some of these lately.
Gulherme, Jul 17 2003

       How about butthole-shaped oat rings, each encircling a puffed grain of rice - Queerios.
FarmerJohn, Jul 17 2003

       At least people are still eating their Witties.   

       Both of you post those as ideas, and we'll have a contest to see which one gets more votes. [t-i-c]

What [jutta] said.
kevindimie, Jul 17 2003


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