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Geology Breakfast Cereal

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The big cereal packet contains multiple smaller packets of different sized and different coloured cereals, and a single packet of fossil-shaped cereal pieces (mostly ammonites). You can use the contents of the small packets to lay down your choice of cereal strata, interspersing them with selected fossils.

The cereal comes with a special bowl which can be tilted a few degrees and will then stay at that tilt. This allows you to build a sequence of cereal strata, tilt the bowl and then scrape off the cereal to a flat surface, exposing the various strata at the surface. The bowl is also squeezable, to permit the formation of mountain ranges.

Mini-open-cast-mining accessories available at extra cost.
hippo, Oct 15 2018

Tectonic Cinnamon Oats Tectonic Cinnamon Oats
Bun for the additional synsedimentary action. However, what still remains unanswered is a practical cereal analogue of fjord formation. [zen_tom, Oct 15 2018]


       complete with free little plastic figures of the likes of Phil Harding.
po, Oct 15 2018

       "No Phil, we aren't putting in-continent on the box just because you think it's funny."   

       This sounds quite Gneiss ... shouldn't be too Tuff to market ...
8th of 7, Oct 15 2018

       Good, but pudding has had strata since at least the victorian era.   

       Have you considered excavation cake? Eat it carefully, from the top down - with a very small spoon.
Loris, Oct 15 2018

       I need [jonthegeologist] to verify doability. Otherwise, it might end up looking like Lucky Charms vomit.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2018

       The little dinosaur toy at the bottom of the box can be cleverly buried in the tan Jurrassic strata.
whatrock, Oct 15 2018

       + Must use chocolate milk!
xandram, Oct 16 2018

       Very clever.
doctorremulac3, Oct 16 2018

       Or possibly the breakfast choice of cereal of CSI teams, with a little crunchy body in it.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 16 2018


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