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Designated Sober Person

Ever wished someone had been able to stop you from doing something stupid?
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Much like the designated driver concept, this idea revolves around having one of your group of friends sober when the rest of you aren't. (You can even combine the two jobs, since he's going to be sober anyhow).

By rigging your choice of deterrants (listed below as A and B) to the drinkers, the DSP (Designated Sober Person) has a remote control-like device so he may shock those rigged by the machine from any number of stupid things when drunk, such as:

* Starting a fight with an irishman ON ST. PATRICKS DAY!

* Trying to ride a skateboard whilst wearing a beer carton stuck on one leg (I tried this the other night)

* Bringing a digital camera to a drinks night

* Swimming in the pool when wearing a white shirt and no bra (friend of mine did this some years back. She regretted it later :p)

* And so on...

Shock methods could be easily rigged of the choices below:

A: A physical mild electric shock. Subtle, only known to the shockee.

B: A piezo siren with sufficient decibels to be heard in a bar. Warns them AND scares people away from them with the unholy screech that erupts.

... and yes, this idea came about thanks to a recent drinks night.

Freelancer, Mar 18 2003

Rent-a-Guardian-Angel http://www.halfbake...nt-a-Guardian-Angel
Seems pretty darn close to this idea by [Pharaoh Mobius] [krelnik, Oct 05 2004]


       I don't drink alcohol, but I have been around plenty of drunken people in my life. It's highly unlikely that this would work. Drunks seem to believe that they have superior judgement compared to the rest of the world and appear to have a pretty high pain tolerance as well. I'd have to be drunk to agree to being the designated sober person.
half, Mar 18 2003

       Ah, but that's an upside. You've been stuck with the sober role for the evening and, if you usually drink, you're likely bitter.   

       That your inebriated friends ignore your zapping or alarm only means you can continue to electrocute or deafen them with carte blanche :)
Freelancer, Mar 18 2003

       I wonder how many people will get that, UB? :p
Freelancer, Mar 18 2003

       A few notes...   

       - A better category might be Food: Alcohol or Health: Accident Protection   

       - Might be a good idea to change the idea name to mention the gadget   

       ...do I get to use this on you then?
madradish, Mar 18 2003


       * Someone moved it here. I forget where else I had it, but it got moved to "other" :) (moved to Health: Accident Protection)   

       * I thought about mentioning the gadget but also figured the person was worth a mention and decided on the person (designated sober person) rather than the gadget which in itself is just a form of torture :p   

       * No, you can't use it on me :p
Freelancer, Mar 18 2003

       I'm sure you *really* want to be giving a drunk person electric shocks. No way that's going to turn them into aggressive arseholes hell bent on showing off their fisticuffsmanship. No way.
my face your, Mar 18 2003

       Seems redundant with the linked idea.
krelnik, Mar 18 2003

       Hm, not quite. You're not hiring someone. (I mean does the existence of Taxi Cabs make the concept of the designated driver redundant?)
Freelancer, Mar 18 2003

       So, to summarize, the only differences are (a) you propose volunteers rather than a paid service and (b) there's a loud noise involved. That about sum it up?   

       Still not sure this merits its own idea (as opposed to an annotation or two on the original).
krelnik, Mar 18 2003

       Not quite - it involves getting a friend to do it (like the designated driver system) and your friends gets a non-physical method of attempting to warn.   

       They don't step in and make you stop, it's more kind of "Whoa, mate, be careful there" thing.
Freelancer, Mar 18 2003

       I don't think you're going to be able to talk your way out of this one. There's just not enough here...
snarfyguy, Mar 18 2003

       hmmm. I think you should market it less as a 'taking care of druk people' idea and more of a 'have fun zapping drunk people' idea. and, uhm, move it to the entertainment section. I'd give it my croissant then.
dumpstergirl, Apr 01 2004

       This idea would put the makers of "Girls Gone Wild" videos out of business.
GenYus, Apr 01 2004

       The whole point of getting drunk is to do those things or watch your friends (or girls you don't know) do them!   

       This would take ALL the fun out of drinking.
eulachon, Jul 12 2004


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