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Designer Scented Underwear

Comfortable and fresh
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Carbon paper works on a technology called micro encapsulation. The black sheet is imbedded with millions of microscopic, ink filled balls, or microcapsules, which burst when pressure is applied to the top sheet. My idea uses this same technology to weave cologne or perfume into the waistband of shorts, briefs, and panties. The capsules could be chemically engineered to be more resistant to breaking so the lifespan of the product would be extended, and also allowing just the right amount of scent every time the waist band is stretched or flexed.
Apologetic_Cynic, Feb 27 2004

(?) The long and short of micro encapsulation http://www.morrisgreenhalgh.co.uk/
[Apologetic_Cynic, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Aphrodesiac pheromones......
normzone, Feb 27 2004

       Would you be able to wash them or would they be disposable?
Worldgineer, Feb 27 2004

       That's the beauty of micro encapsulation. I saw a demonstration of this technology once where they encapsulated gasoline and submerged it in water. After removing the powdery substance from the water it would still burn! So yes, You absolutely can wash the prduct without lossing scent. On the gentle cycle, of course.
Apologetic_Cynic, Feb 27 2004

       reminds me of bubblewrap or time release mediaction (medication, even). +1
po, Feb 27 2004

       Hey my great grand dad was scottish, but be nice. No I bathe just fine, this would be more of a fad item.
Apologetic_Cynic, Feb 27 2004

       "Man, I haven't washed these in 4 days"
<snaps waistband>
Letsbuildafort, Feb 27 2004

       <snaps waistband>LBaF? you sure? phew!
po, Feb 27 2004

       Are you sure [Klaatu] is alright with you diggin on my underpants like that?
Letsbuildafort, Feb 27 2004

       he's ok - understands friendships...:)
po, Feb 27 2004

       Aaah, [Klaatu] - whatta guy!
Letsbuildafort, Feb 27 2004

       [ forensic social workers ] ? Is this what they're doing with my tax dollars ?
normzone, Feb 27 2004

       I have considered trimming an odour eater into a gusset shape and sewing it in. Or did I dream it?
AlanS, Aug 29 2004


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