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Desktop fireworks

if Disney could just kick me back quarter of a penny for every buck this'll make that'd be great eh...
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A small plug in or battery operated crankshaft is housed within a miniature replica of the magic kingdom castle.
The various cranks on the shaft are of differing lengths and attached to them are programmable LED lights fastened to the ends of tight little bundles of fiber-optic strands within extendable clear plastic tubes which curve slightly towards the observer.
An individual strand in each bundle is translucent.

When the crankshaft turns the LED lights are programmed to flash and then remain lit for the rest of each cycle.
In semi-darkness this would create the illusion of a miniature fireworks display constantly repeated as the ends of the fiber-optic strands explode outwards from their curved sheaths with their single-strand translucent tracers following them to twinkle into darkness before being withdrawn back into their clear tubes for the next cycle with a different colored light.



       So, no actual pyrotechnics, then ?
8th of 7, Dec 06 2015

       + still fun!
xandram, Dec 06 2015

       On one hand this is original and fun. On the other hand it doesn't involve explosives. I'm torn.
Voice, Dec 06 2015

       Sounds beautiful.
blissmiss, Dec 06 2015

       [+] snowglobe +
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2015


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