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Dessert UI Model

A replacement for the desktop
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As the desktop nears the end of it's useful existence people are look for a new metaphor (see link below). As someone who worked with the original Xerox desktop icons (which were very minimalist) I thought I propose my invention - The Dessert User Interface Model.

Essentially the screen would look like a large bowl into which exists servings of puddings, trifle and other final course comestible, each representing a different subject matter. Between this space would be custard, poured in to act as a medium for cross-subject matters. Cutlery would be on hand to act as a place to seek tools with possibly a napkin to clean up mistakes and a menu to help people find out what is going on or what can be ordered.

You could go back through past work by looking through layers, or strata, of old custard on a geological basis. This way you could find old versions of otherwise lost documents like ancient flies trapped in amber.

A key advantage of this system is that people who don't pay for their software could be made to do the washing up ...

Aristotle, Dec 12 2001

The Next Computer Interface http://www.techrevi.../dec01/tristram.asp
From those nice people at TechReview [Aristotle, Dec 12 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       steaming compost heap?
po, Dec 12 2001

       Wow, those new interfaces look amazingly annoying. I don't want to have to hunt through piles of 'index cards' or those goofy wheels to find things. I know right where something is already...
StarChaser, Dec 12 2001

       giggles [Aristotle] I am SO sorry. On re-reading my note it sounded like a condemnation, and it was not; I promise, hand on heart. Star will vouch for the fact that I am pig ignorant about such matters, I was just suggesting a new name for the delete box... giggles..
po, Dec 12 2001

       How about a Desert UI where bedouins roam around with your data all day long?
phoenix, Dec 12 2001

       or just desserts UI. It features an electric chair on your desktop that 'frraaappps' away your data into mythical nonexistence.   

       Oh, right...Windows.
Reverend D, Dec 12 2001

       po: Compost heaps are good as well. You could have a pitchfork for fine work and a wheel barrow for mass transfers.
Aristotle, Dec 13 2001


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