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Dial a Hot Sauce

This Sauce goes to 11!
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This two-chambered hot sauce dispenser has a dial on it (from 1 to 11). The dial regulates the ratio between the first chamber (tomato based sauce) and the second chamber (distilled scotch bonnet or habanero) The higher the dial, the hotter the sauce...

P.S. DesertFox is correct in naming his Spontaneous Combustion Sauce as my inspiration. My original riff was a Binary Hot Sauce, in which two neutral chemicals combine to create a hot sauce. but I am no chemist, so I aimed lower, and found a gem...

dbsousa, Aug 24 2005

Dare I say that this was the inspiration? Spontaneous_20Tabas...0Combustion_20Sauce
+ croissant for you + [DesertFox, Aug 24 2005]

I swear I am psychic... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9231147/
scroll down to "Dave's gourmet adjustable heat sauce..." [dbsousa, Sep 07 2005]


       A 6-alarm croissant is steaming your way![+]
zen_tom, Aug 24 2005

       I'd buy it if it had multiple options instead of just more hot. There are many flavorful and hot combinations.
normzone, Aug 24 2005

       Maybe you could tack on a few more chambers to allow for other flavor additions. Or make it 6-barreled hot sauce cannon.
sleeka, Aug 24 2005

       The stuff cleans brass, so you'd look chic with your shiny brass combustible cocktail cannon at the ready.
reensure, Aug 24 2005

       //This Sauce goes to 11!// Not scoville units I take it?
Shz, Aug 24 2005

       So, what happens when you run out of the stuff in one chamber first? Do you buy refills?   

       When you purchase it off the shelf, they'd have to size it for different average expected uses, or you end up doing too many refills for your tastes.   

       And, if you're going to bother refilling the chambers with separately bought refill bottles, then why not skip refilling and get better control by using the refill bottles directly?   

       The dial will likely get gunked up with crusted material or an onion chunk, so separate bottles will likely give better control.
sophocles, Aug 24 2005

       Sophocles, I live in America. When the customer runs out of Hot, he buys a new bottle. That's how I make the money. The dial doesn't get gunked up, because it just regulates the hot side. the two spouts are near each other, but the mixing happens on your plate.   

       sleeka and normzone, if you want different flavors, you have to buy different bottles. It should come in Wasabi, Chipotle, Tomatillo, Carribean, Barbecue, and Lousiana, but each bottle is separate. (you can buy the whole gift set for Christmas...
dbsousa, Aug 25 2005

       And each of those 6 flavors can be dialed from 1 to 11 for heat intensity? I'll buy it.
sleeka, Aug 25 2005

       I like it. you should post it...
dbsousa, Aug 25 2005

       Pa've - That would be one high class Taco Bell :)   

       I bet you could make a lot of sales if you could fit these hot sauce sample and mixing booths in the middle of a malls. This way you would have plenty of hungry people with money looking to try something new stop by your booth. I know I would while my girfriend is shopping.
Kcsolutions123, Aug 25 2005


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