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Dialect services

All wrote in yer leid
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Many services from local government to computer software now offer a number of different languages. Obviously what is going on here is that the item is written originally in one language but is then translated into many other languages for the benefit of people who wish to read the material in a closer written form to their own language.

I suggest that government documents and other such things should be translated into regional dialects as well as into different languages, so that users could have the option of reading the material spoke in their own local style or idiom.

Linguists will tell you that every person has their own individual idiosyncratic personal dialect, with their own vocabulary, expression, pronounication, and preffered choice of words and styles.

A person's phone can continually monitor their conversation and writing style, to build up a personalised dialect-profile. This personal profile can then be used to auto-translate any text or communication into that person's personal dialectal idiom on demand.

pocmloc, Jun 29 2017


       Eyupe b'thazzer bostin 'venshun, [poc].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 29 2017

       Where woud it end though? Would Siri try building a rapport with me?
Will the humanoid bots of the future mimic my body language to put me more at ease?

       Am I the only one who finds that a little creepy?   

       'Soids dat, lard tundr'n geez they'kd ne'r git tha newfie doylect down pat. True dat by.   

       :D :D yo wazzup :D lol   

       :D we hv chngd our name :) lol 2 da local govt n social care ombudsman! lmao!   

       we hv dn tis ting 2 help u kno dat we r lkng at complaints bout all areas of adult social care :D lol including privately arranged or funded care lmao! :D :D
Wrongfellow, Jun 30 2017


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