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This is so repulsive!
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The diagmagnetunbrella is basically a walking cane which houses a small but powerful Van De Graff generator.
Bad hair days may be a bit of a problem for some people on nice days, but held aloft in the rain the magnetic field diamagnetically repels each raindrop before it can reach the head of the person carrying it.

Can also be used as a tazer and or defibrillator in emergency situations.


       Van De Graaff generators rely on dry air to work well. Not sure if they work at all in the rain (too much charge leakage.)   

       Also VDGs create electrostatic fields, not magnetic fields. So any repulsion created by the VDG is due to electrostatics, not diamagnetic forces.   

       Would have to have a very large terminal to hold enough charge to act as tazer or defilbrillator. Pretty much rules it out for use as a cane (or vice-versa.)   

csea, Sep 16 2008

       hmmm, what if the enire walking stick was wrapped in coils of copper filiment turning it into one long pole electromagnet?
An outer casing could keep the air trapped inside humidity free.

       + I'll try it!
xandram, Sep 16 2008


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