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Dicey Programming

A New Language For Computer Programming
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"123456" is all you need!

Digits: 11 is 1. 12 is 2. 13 is 3. 14 is 4. 15 is 5. 16 is 6. 21 is 7. 22 is 8. 23 is 9. 24 is 0.

Alphabet: 25 is A. 26 is B. 31 is C. 32 is D. 33 is E. 34 is F. 35 is G. 36 is H. 41 is I. 42 is J. 43 is K. 44 is L. 45 is M. 46 is N. 51 is O. 52 is P. 53 is Q. 54 is R. 55 is S. 56 is T. 61 is U. 62 is V. 63 W. 64 is X. 65 is Y. 66 is Z.

Program One: 24241536334444512424156351544432

⚁⚃ ⚁⚃ ⚀⚄ ⚂⚅ ⚂⚂ ⚃⚃ ⚃⚃ ⚄⚀ ⚁⚃ ⚁⚃ ⚀⚄ ⚅⚂ ⚄⚀ ⚄⚃ ⚃⚃ ⚂⚁

Meaning: 00HELLO 00WORLD

Translation: HELLO WORLD

Program Two: 2413132532321112

Meaning: 03ADD 1 2

Meaning: (ADD 1 2)

Translation: 3

Program Three: 241213342531 25 2413124456 25 12 11 241213342531 25 242413565461 241313456144 25 241213342531 241313556126 25 11

Meaning: 02FAC A 03LT A 2 1 02FAC A 00TRU 03MUL A 02FAC 03SUB A 1

Meaning: (FAC A) (LT A 2) 1 (FAC A) TRU (MUL A (FAC (SUB A 1)))

zelah, Oct 26 2016

Brainfuck https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck
An esoteric programming language notable for its extreme minimalism [xaviergisz, Jun 17 2020]

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       //Is this related to 'coin-flippy' programming?//   

       Ah, yes, you have done your homework! That was my first project in this vein! But I believed it had fallen into obscurity after having not told anyone about it. How did you come across my earlier work [Ian_Tindale]?
zelah, Oct 26 2016

       It's not so much a language as an alternate character encoding. You ought to be able to write a parser relatively easily. Is a prerequisite that each character is described using a two character code drawn from the set {0123456} if so, then you've got k^n possible code values or 7^2 = 49. You've used 36 of these on characters and numerics, and it looks as though you're reserving the 0x code-page for data-type mode-setting. 00 = String, 03 = Interpret Math, that leaves {01,02,04,05,06} for other functional purposes (presumably) and 6 values across x0 {10,20,30,40,50,60} So, how are you going to assign these remaining 11 operational codes in order to, for example perform execution management tasks like looping, branching, and the like?   

       Also, it looks as though you've got a language in a language here - (ADD 1 2) can be parsed and turned into a value, but that's using an encoding outside of your language. It's a bit of a cheat to say your language can do anything if all it's doing is (mostly) acting as a representational scheme.   

       If you're looking to do that, then binary is way ahead of you, having condensed everything into a bunch of ones and zeros.
zen_tom, Oct 26 2016

       Using 2 (hex-sided) dice, a 12 character alphabet can be built along frequency-of-occurrence, ie: the equivalent of an 'e' could be 6 (3+3, 1+5, 5+1, ...)
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2016

       [zen_tom], I clearly state that the only values used are "123456". This is because six-sided dice have six sides. I will add a factorial function at some point in order to show how it is done but this may be beside the point. In 2050, if your AI does not know how to add two numbers then we are all in real trouble.
zelah, Oct 26 2016

       I may be missing a point here, but it look to me as if you have not created a new language, but merely an alternative to ASCII. How am I wrong?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2016

       I agree with [MB]: It looks like a Lisp written with a bizarre character encoding.
notexactly, Oct 26 2016

       It seems [zelah] has a fascination with using 6 characters.
We've already shredded your "Five" maths system. Your "6" programming system is no better. It's just a poorly thought-out relabelling of things that already work.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 26 2016

       Nothing wrong with stretching the brain a bit. 6 is a little awkward, 12 is better.   

       Neither fit into the hardware on/off binary paradigm, though. What are you going to use for a 6-state bit ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2016

       Go ahead, make it a business. It's likely that you'll end up broke, but with far less certainty than those gambling schemes...
lurch, Oct 26 2016

       I became a programmer to make the big bucks.   

       ( I enrolled in basket weaving course to get an easy A.)   

       Vegas sent my boss a truckload of used dice, and I am unemployed.   

       ( Two Navajoes enrolled, raised the class average, and I flunked out.)
popbottle, Oct 26 2016


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