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Dig that way!

For use in case of avalanche or deep water
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This idea is a small item that can be secured to your person, so that it does not get lost or torn off, that is a small level. This level will allow you to determine up from down, so that you know which way to swim or dig in the case of an avalanche or in case you are lost in deep water, say a plane crash, rip tide, or wave forcing you under.

I recall a movie called Dinotopia, in which (spoliers ahead, read no further if you do not wish to know part of the plot of Dinotopia) a man crashed his plane off the coast of Dinotopia, and was lost. He swam for an underwater cave that was lit from the inside, for some reason part of the plot, instead of for the surface thinking that the light from the cave WAS the surface. The plane sunk him so deep there was no more light.

EvilPickels, Jan 14 2010


       So how did it end? (I need a spoiler!)
Also, a boat level will not inform you of the best way to dig when in a avalanche on an incline.
Finally, you have not invented anything really new (I got one in my Christmas Cracker!)
gnomethang, Jan 14 2010

       If all you have is a level, what's stopping you from digging straight downwards instead of upwards?
DrWorm, Jan 14 2010

       A spirit level shows you which way is up - the little bubble is usually at the top edge of the little glass cylinder.
hippo, Jan 15 2010

       Of course, a small weight tied to a piece of string will do the same, with the advantage that it will always unambiguously will point down.   

       Or, when underwater, when you don't feel like taking the time to use the weight on a string, just drop it and swim in the opposite direction.
Forthur, Jan 15 2010

       The music used in the advertising for the "Dig that way!" product will, of course, be an Aerosmith/Run DMC collaboration.
hippo, Jan 15 2010

       if you can move enough to use (it had better glow in the dark too) then you are likely to to be able to orient yourself the natural way. Or you can spit. If it goes up your nose then you are upside down.
WcW, Jan 15 2010

       I have such a small item integrated into my person. It is my inner ear.
bungston, Jan 15 2010

       If you were underwater, couldn't you just blow out some bubbles and swim after them?
sprints, Jan 17 2010

wagster, Jan 17 2010

       if you start digging after being covered in an avalanche gravity is eventually going to tell you which way is up.
Jscotty, Jan 19 2010

       [marked-for-deletion] Not a new invention.
jutta, Aug 05 2012


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