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Digger Socks

To stop the tracks chewing up tarmac
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That's it.
wagster, Oct 20 2008


       Tank Socks. For tanks - sometimes it can seem rude, when you're annexing a nation, to spoil their roads in the process.
zen_tom, Oct 20 2008

       Baked. Called grousers.
coprocephalous, Oct 20 2008

       So it is not a game in which you guide a sock across the screen, occasionally pausing to dig a hole to trap the baddies in?
neelandan, Oct 20 2008

       Baked, then. "Grousers" is a cool name, but "Digger Socks" would have been cooler.
wagster, Oct 20 2008

       well, you can wait until mechanical spiders become the norm, then jump in before anybody else gets to name their "tires".
FlyingToaster, Oct 20 2008


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