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Digicam Dolly

Pan. Swoop. Zoom. Fade. Surround.
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Ultra lightweight dolly tracks with a tiny motorised mounting that accommodates a digital camera.

Set it up in a circle around a dinner party. Pan past a picnic. Zoom in past Pluto, then Venus, on the academically challenged offspring's Solar Sytem model.

Connect in series to capture every contorted carotid in Grandad's 100 meter stagger at the veterans' games.

Stable enough for movie mode in 'continuous' setting, or stop and shoot at any interval you like, or shoot at intervals without stopping.

Can be strung from the ceiling, rested on long ground spikes, or held freestyle. Aluminium and lightweight carbon tube construction.

You know you want it. You have that giant old camera bag and just a matchbox sized digicam to put in it.

ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 18 2008

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       <smug> Built one out of Lego </smug>
coprocephalous, Feb 18 2008

       I'm sorry, what kind of dolly are we talking about?   

       suspect British term for a motorized track driven car?   

       not happy picturing my blond baby doll "strung from the ceiling, rested on long ground spikes"...
dentworth, Feb 18 2008

       Just wondering what [dent] thought "dolly grip" was in the credits of movies...
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 18 2008


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