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In-viewfinder spirit level.
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Having recently progressed to a digital SLR camera after film SLRs for more years than I care to remember, I find the grip most difficult to master.

With no film spool to the left of the viewfinder the balance seems (to me) all wrong, and with no markings on the focussing screen (autofocus, remember) I frequently end up with the horizon at about 2º to the horizontal.

What I propose are two spirit levels in the viewfinder, one along the bottom edge for landscape, and one on the left for portrait.

[EDIT] Yes, I know my camera has interchangeable focussing screens, and I could get one with a grid, but not everyone is lucky enough to own a Pentax.
coprocephalous, Jan 18 2006

Maybe someone should sell balancing kits? http://www.matcotoo...p?cat=2137&si=49738
"Tape-a-weight" (adhesive backed tire balancing weights) [half, Jan 18 2006]


       The digital display could even show this, turning off the one that is obviously not required.   

       Although you could just stick a glass vial on the side of your camera...or balance a half full glass of beer on the top: a camera with a built in cup holder?
Ling, Jan 18 2006

       //a half full glass of beer on the top: a camera with a built in cup holder?// Mine would be half empty.

But brilliant [ling], just damn brilliant - a camera with a cup-holder <smacks forehead>
coprocephalous, Jan 18 2006

       [IT] *istDS - love it also (same sensor as the D50, I think) - I waited a long time for Pentax to come up with one, but the wait was worth it. Particularly good with Version 2 firmware.
Yes, I know about hotshoe spirit levels, but I can't see the hotshoe when I'm looking through the viewfinder.
coprocephalous, Jan 18 2006

       Ah, another [Ian Tindale] ide... oh.   

wagster, Jan 18 2006

       //I find the grip most difficult to master// well, that's just crap design. Bun anyway, though.
moomintroll, Jan 18 2006

       //well, that's just crap design// [moomintroll] It seems most DSLRs are like this - there is hardly anything to the left of the lens; some are more extreme than others. I guess for new users it makes no difference, but for old 'uns used to a bit of balance, it makes all the difference.
coprocephalous, Jan 18 2006


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