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Digital Delete me not

A Huis Clos Camera
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There are several places where photography is just not welcome. Immigration checkpoints, government buildings, strip clubs.

Years before, your film would have been exposed robbing you of your (not so) covertly snapped shots. Nowadays savvy guards or bouncers stand over you imposingly and watch as your digital memories are deleted to oblivion. Alternatively your memory card is crushed under an unforgiving boot.

The digital delete me not is different. Secreted away behind lens and chip is a non-removable memory that operates RAID-style with the devices memory card. To the unknowing oppressor it looks like the images are being deleted forever, but when you get it home your precious memories are there to enjoy.

sprogga, Feb 22 2008


       Just to be safe, Immigration Officials will now just confiscate your camera.
hippo, Feb 22 2008

       It's just a matter of time until cameras are wi-fi equiped and simply upload pictures on the fly as they are able.
phoenix, Feb 22 2008

       Easy way to get around this: have your cell phone automatically upload the photographs the moment it takes them. Another easy way, substitute memory cards (you could have one pre-loaded with images found on the Internet; this method has long been used by photographers in foreign lands subject to censorship, and is even easier now that memory cards are so tiny).   

       But if you're going to go to these efforts to secrete pictures, just buy or rig up a hidden camera in the first place.   

       But, final thought, given how much those afore-mentioned strip clubs cost (I am told), why not just spend that same money on a model, and get your titty shots without any hassle from bouncers? (Immigration checkpoints and government buildings being somewhat less than photogenic, I think it is reasonable to assume that is the main point of your post.)
DrCurry, Feb 22 2008

       Sort of like saying "i did delete it" and when the person leaves you just go to the trash and bring it back.
Antegrity, Feb 24 2008

       //I think it is reasonable to assume that is the main point of your post//   

       Agreed; That is a resonable assumption. In this case however it was not the inspiration for the idea. There is enough porn on the internet already why would you need your own?   

       The truth is much less interesting. I was in the customs hall of Melbourne airport and there was a sizable sign prohibiting photography. The Loki-within inspired this thought.   

       The strip club angle just reminded me of a mates buks night a few years ago and seemed to support the idea.
sprogga, Apr 05 2008

       You don't actually need this invention.   

       I once took photos where I wasn't supposed to. A security guard caught up with me and demanded to confiscate the camera. "Look, most of these are just personal snapshots - how about you delete the ones that I'm not supposed to have taken? I promise I'll put the camera away and not take any more pictures." He started poking at my camera with his big thumbs, while I looked on contritely; then I put the camera away for good.   

       When I came home, the missing images were easily restored using a $10 disk repair program; it was rather nice of the guard to have pointed out those views that may have contained interesting information, and I took special care to look at them closely.
ping, Aug 02 2008


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