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Digital Optical Virtual Record Player

Very High Resolution Pictures of Records Are Played By Being...
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...optically read by a scanning program.

The method would be a way to very quickly digitize old vinyl records. They already have laser record players, this would just be another way to get audio information by looking at the groove rather than having it directly move a needle.

Scratches would be easy to graphically remove as well.

So pick one out of your catalog of records, push play and watch the little digital needle vibrate as the picture of the record turns under it.

You might be able to do something with this method I don't think you could do with any other. You could take a worn out record and graphically enhance the peaks and valleys, perhaps making them clearer than they were even in the original recording.

So you could get an old cylinder recording, recorded with very old technology, enhance the grooves graphically, and hear, for the very first time, a crystal clear recording of Thomas Edison reciting Mary Had A Little Lamb.

doctorremulac3, Feb 03 2016

Similar to this? https://en.wikipedi...iki/Laser_turntable
[hippo, Feb 03 2016]


       Similar to the current IRENE system of record playback based upon optical scans of the groove topography. Your idea takes it to a new level where wear and defects are digitally repaired. Probably sound better than new! [+]
whatrock, Feb 03 2016


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