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Digital Shoe System

A pace activated, low frequency pulse for multiple algorithms
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Many kids have those step activated lights on their shoes. I believe they started as a novelty in adult shoes about ten years ago. I assume there's a small microswitch that closes each time the foot steps down, which activates a .5 second light. And I'm pretty sure this system is removable from the shoe.

What if you took that same technology, but instead of the switch activating a light, a small radio pulse would be transmitted. So normal walking would produce a low frequency pulse wave. Running would raise that frequency.

Many platforms could receive this pulse for various uses. For example, a wrist watch type device could use this data to calculate how many steps you take in a day. It could measure distance for running, etc. With a built in digital compass, it could give specific directions for walkers

Perhaps a device that notices an increase in pulse frequency, and then measures the amount of time between pulses, and applies that data to a parameter (in the same fashion key contacts work for velocity controlled keyboards- a smaller amount of time between the 2 switches closing on one key = louder volume for that note).

Maybe that data could control the fan speed on one of those "personal cooling devices". A slow walk would keep the fan normal, but when you start to run, the fan speed increases.

Pulse data for your daily life!

synthesizer, Aug 21 2003

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       What I want are shoes that spit out an oil slick, like Data had in The Goonies.

DeathNinja, Aug 21 2003

       I think Nike has something like this already...?
white, Aug 21 2003

       Coming soon, hopscotch as a binary compression algorithm.
RayfordSteele, Aug 21 2003

       Whatever happened to the Whoopee Sneaker?
k_sra, Aug 22 2003

       i like this idea .... maybe you could convert the frequencies into audible ones and listen to them via a walkman.   

       you could run to your own beat with your own jog-bop daps.
jonthegeologist, Aug 22 2003


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