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Feng Shoes

Orienting you for your highest and best good
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Shoes with a built in compass, some smart software and tiny, powered wheels in the soles.

Whenever you stop, the software does some quick calculations and directs the shoes to reorient you to face in the most fortuitous direction available.

UnaBubba, Jan 21 2013


       Obligatory WIFRT: I misread the second paragraph as saying "Whenever you step", which brought to mind all sorts of perils and pratfalls.   

       Wouldn't wearing these make it awkward to put your best foot forward? If you took them off would they act like homing shoes and find their way back to your house? Would the software be smart enough to track your missing socks when they disappear from the dryer? Inquiring minds want to know!
Canuck, Jan 21 2013

       Possibly. Maybe. No. Really?
UnaBubba, Jan 22 2013

       Also available in Muslim version.
Ling, Jan 22 2013

       Presumably they'd be always pointing me towards the loo.
RayfordSteele, Jan 22 2013


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