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Digital vinyl

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If this isn't baked I'd be very surprised.

True music aficionados enjoy vinyl because of its imperfections - the little tump-shhhhhh sound when the needle lands, the slight crackle of nanometre sized dust, the regular ticking of a light scratch, the barely-perceptible wow caused by an unbalanced coffee stain on one edge of the turntable... You can't (apparently) beat it.

Music producers should therefore release special-edition downloads (or CDs, if anyone still buys then) with all the analog imperfections added digitally. Even better, multiple versions can be released, replicating the sound yielded by a 1950s Dansette, a cheap '80s music centre, and a top-of-the- mornin' 2019 Bose-and-Orfer magnetically levitated turntable with gravity-wave compensation and laser-ranged bioacoustic renegement.

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 29 2019

Not dissimilar to this Run-out_20groove_20...ating_20CD_20player
[hippo, Sep 30 2019]

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       Better just to have a software filter?
pocmloc, Sep 30 2019

       Yes, but where's the repeat business in that? Much better to have a music buff say they've got Dark Side of the Moon in five different versions.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2019

       Audio buff: “To be honest, I prefer the crackles on the Dark Side Of The Moon picture disc MP3...”
hippo, Sep 30 2019

       The software filter could be specific to the edition, and come as a separate download file.
pocmloc, Oct 01 2019


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