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Run-out groove noise simulating CD player

dunk-shhhhhhh ... dunk-shhhhhhh ... dunk-shhhhhhh ... dunk-shhhhhhh ... dunk-shhhhhhh ... dunk-shhhhhhh ... dunk-shhhhhhh ...
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A CD player which, when the CD has finished and until you press Eject, plays a short looped mp3 of the sound a record's run-out groove makes.

Also available: the mp3 player which plays the noise of a CD drawer closing/opening at the beginning/end of every ripped CD.
hippo, Jan 30 2004

CD_20player_20that_...a_20record_20player [Dickcheney6, Dec 06 2008]

DJ CD players http://www.zzounds....DJ-CD-Players--2456
[Dickcheney6, Feb 28 2009]


       Can it read the manufacturing date of the CD and make the run-out groove sound scratchier if it's an older disc ?
normzone, Jan 30 2004

       nnnn-ok then, yes
hippo, Jan 30 2004


       half an hour after the end of one of Robbie Williams' albums finishes, he starts yattering away about his ex-classteacher, spooky stuff!
po, Jan 30 2004

       The Sergeant Pepper LP has some weird sound in its run-out groove, which I never got to hear because our phonograph lifted up the needle automatically.   

       (At the beginning of the CD it should play that nice little “pop, thump” sound of the needle landing on the vinyl.)
AO, Jan 30 2004

       Thought sure this was another Amishman35 or some such contribution.   

       I confess I totally miss the attraction of these sorts of retro-techno ideas.   

       The Sgt. Pepper CD plays the inner groove track over and over again about 30 times with a slow fade, extremely annoying. At least it was only on the vinyl version once (about 3 seconds long).
waugsqueke, Jan 30 2004

       how about a portable CD player-or a portable MP3 player- where the music plays slowly when the batteries are about to go dead? there's a lot of ways you can emulate older tech these days on newer machines. (those old tape-based walkmen and boomboxes used to play the music slowly when the batteries were low which may make for some interesting conversation :D   

       I've seen "DJ tables" where the turn table is not actually turning a record-instead it controls the rotational speed of a CD player in the machine! I'm not making that up, I swear!
Dickcheney6, Feb 28 2009

       I doubt it controls the actual CD player speed, playing speed of the buffered track, I imagine.   

FlyingToaster, Feb 28 2009


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