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Fridge light dimmer switch for students
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I can see two reasons why this would be desirable:

a) On night time rehydration trips to the fridge, when bright lights could be intrusive.

2) When in denial that the fridge needs to be cleaned.

stupop, Mar 07 2002

Darksucker Theory http://webpages.mar...ksucker_theory.html
'Light' bulbs don't actually produce light, they suck in darkness, making it less dark. [StarChaser, Mar 07 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Jeez just cover dat ting wit mash tape 'tain't dat hard ta bake.
neelandan, Mar 07 2002

       a fridge that senses ambient light and adjust the interior light accordingly! that way you aren't blinded during a midnight snack. (appliances again :-)
rbl, Mar 07 2002

       What I really want to know is: Why isn't there a light in the freezer?
phoenix, Mar 07 2002

       I never thought of that. Does anyone have one of those new fridges with the freezer at the bottom? do they have a light?
rbl, Mar 07 2002

       You don't need less light. You just need more dark.
waugsqueke, Mar 07 2002

       So we have two bulbs in the fridge, one producing light and one producing dark. The power of each can be varied to create just the right ambience to hide mould yet still be able to read the label on the beer.
rbl, Mar 07 2002

       are you OK rbl? a bulb producing dark? is that a daffodil bulb?
po, Mar 07 2002

       I like the ambient light sensor idea of rbl's. I add the following: multiple small lamps, fitted with diffusers, so that there is even light distribution without any one lamp having to be blindingly bright and I would like to have the lamp brightness ramp up over, say, 1 or 3 seconds.  Also, make them white LEDs so that they last for a very long time (the lamps in the freezer could have bluish-tinted diffusers so it looked colder).
bristolz, Mar 07 2002

       Why dont you just make the interior of the refrigerator glow-in-the-dark? That way, you have a nice soft light to read the beer- and it goes away when it is bright outside.
OliveSaxer, Jul 11 2002

       OliveSaxer: You could make the interior of the fridge of a UV-florescent material and then have a low-power long-wavelength UV lamp; the interior of the fridge, and certain dyes in the food pacakging, would fluoresce gently, allowing one to view the delights on offer without injuring those sensetive, twitchy, beer-soaked retinas.   

       You can have an LDR switch to turn on the main bulb during the day; it won't be affected by the UV.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2002

       Make sure you keep a stock of phosphorescent fungi in your fridge - problem solved! Well, except for the problem raised by the original idea, which is that you sometimes need to be able to dim the amount of light being emitted. A dimmer on the outside of the fridge seems like a great idea to me.   

       "frigidity - putting rigidity back in the fridge"
Matty, Jul 11 2002

       The Blacklight fridge would be an interesting thing to come home to following a long night of "raving"
OliveSaxer, Jul 23 2002


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