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Dip Spit Container

small personal spitoon
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Anybody that has worked around individuals that use smokless tbacco knows what it is like to come accross a nasty bottle of spit. My invention is a small container ( abount a pint) that individuals can carry with them and use long term. The container should probally have a neck and smaller opening to spit in. There will be replaceable liners (like baby bottles) that enable cleaning without water. The lid screws on to contain all spit. Buy one in your favorite color or logo. Simple, and clean.

Note: Tobacco is bad and everyone knows it, but as long as it is still legal there is still needs to be met.

tatmkr, Jun 21 2006

here's one that's baked, but your idea of liners is better. http://www.mudjug.com/index.htm
[xandram, Jun 21 2006]


       a little bit smaller though-similar to fit in your pocket
tatmkr, Jun 21 2006

       OK, I'll give it a bun if it fits in one's pocket, but will those folks keep it in there? Spitting brown goo is just so gross, I don't want to see it.
xandram, Jun 21 2006

       While I was working at an Indian restaurant last year, I once noticed one of the cooks putting something in his mouth from a small packet. When I showed interest, he said 'This one little bit drug.' After I enquired further, he said it was 'chewing-gum tobacco' and explained that he took it because smoking at work was frowned upon. My point is that this would be an indication for using your container, since if you must spit at a restaurant it should be done discreetly and hygienically.
spidermother, Jun 21 2006

       No need for a contraption like that. I just use a washed out 12oz plastic juice bottle with a screw-on lid. It has an 1 1/4" mouth. I prefer the orange juice type that have the plastic labeling that covers the entire bottle so that it doesn't gross other folks out. While it won't fit in typical shirt or pants pockets, it does fit well in a jacket pocket with no spillage. At the end of each day, I simply wash it out. Every week or two, I replace it with a new one. (The plastic labeling gets roughed up and starts peeling off.) Another recycling tip from a smokeless tobacco user...
Sometimer, Feb 06 2008


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