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Directed Explosion Windows

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Directed Explosion Windows use small explosive charges lining the inside of of the window to make sure that whenever they break, the shards are sent outward and onto the street, where they are now the city's problem, instead of on your floor, where you have to clean them up or jump over them.

Also helpful to deter burglaries and to punish children who are to careless in playing baseball.

notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005


       What the hell, you voted against me and didn't even say why?!
notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005

       Here are five reasons off the top of my head:   

       1. I don't want my windows to break. Ever.   

       2. If my windows do happen to break for unspecified reasons, I do not want the shards to rain explosively outward and imperil others.   

       3. Why would liability caused by faulty building materials from my personal premises ever be considered "the city's problem"?   

       4. Burglary deterrents and injurious punishments as you suggest are patently illegal.   

       5. The reasoning behind the idea is juvenile.
jurist, Dec 17 2005

       Those are a variety of good points. I think my pride is bleeding...
notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005

       Unless he actually builds something. That profile line might be an epitaph.
lurch, Dec 18 2005

       When I first joined, I posted a Michael Jackson Doll with color changing skin and interchangeable noses.   

       At least he admitted his mistakes. Now he just needs to work on getting a good idea. Please?
DesertFox, Dec 18 2005

       Perhaps this is juvenile, and perhaps the author is a self-centered idiot, but I still can't get the image out of my head of some dumb drunken teenager throwing a brick at somone's window, yelling "wtf!", and jumping backwards in shock.   

       You all may hate me for it, but it gets a (+).
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       I'd say anyone who actually speaks in text language fully deserves a face of shattered glass.
pooduck, Dec 20 2005

       I would prefer that my windows wobble like in 'Matrix'.
Ling, Dec 20 2005

       It would render the plot device employed by soap-opera writers where someone decides to burgularise their own home in order to claim the insurance (or spend the Christmas Club money on presents), but are later caught when the police discover that the glass shards are on the outside (normally suggesting the window was broken from the inside) completely obsolete.
zen_tom, Dec 20 2005


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