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Window Smash Alarm

Know if your window has been broke
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I have noticed that some alarm systems have problems with windows: did they smash or is it something else? Some work on sound, others rely on metal strips.

How about a laser built into the casing of a double glazed window? If you reflected it off the edges of the vacum sealed window area it should work perfect. Anything (other than light) that gets through the beam is bad news (or consendation....*sigh*). It might be over the top for home use, but maybe a chemist??

eitsop, Aug 17 2006


       bun because it seems like a good idea (and to offset the autoboner)
James Newton, Aug 17 2006

       Should work. There was a similar system once that worked by total internal reflection in the glass of a windshield. With it began to rain, the internal refection was reduced, and light leaked out. This signaled the wipers to come on. They would also come on, I suppose, if you had an accident and smashed the windshield.
ldischler, Aug 17 2006

       Oh great. So while you're trying to enjoy your fatal car accident song, you've got the background cacophony of wipers juddering across a broken and dry windshield.   

       /Know if your window has been broke/   

Texticle, Aug 17 2006

       [BrauBeaton] I believe the idea here is that it would be between the panes of double pane windows. No bugs in there.
James Newton, Aug 18 2006


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