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Direction Dispenser

Quick, obvious directions
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The Direction Dispenser is a reasonably large, solid shelled, backpack, designed for pedestrian use. Upon it's top rests a compact, high speed, printer and cutter unit, which feed into the multi-angle, high velocity air cannon.

The dispenser also comes with a wrist mounted controller, which, amongst it's other functions, is also your route planner.

Before departing upon your journey you key in your destination, as you would with any GPS system. The wrist computer asks you to take a few steps forward to ensure you are pointed in the right direction, and once satisfied of this will start directing you.

As with most GPS units your directions are given to you in a visual manner. In this instance the controller determines where you need to go and generates a print order. This is fed into the printer/cutter unit which draws up the appropriate amount of paper from the backpack unit. This paper is then printed and cut to shape before feeding into the air cannon. Using it's onboard windspeed, and wind direction sensors the air cannon then fires the printed order forwards, timed so that the large green arrow lands conveniently twenty meters ahead of your current position, clearly marking the direction to continue.

The Dispenser can also fire indirectly onto targets, allowing it to blanket any tourist attractions or places of interest you happen to be visiting with handy guide points, and facts.

Not advisable for use in cars.
kaz, Oct 06 2010

Gusting wind no problem. http://www.military...heed-martin_to.html
[mouseposture, Oct 07 2010]


       Why the printer? If it only shoots green arrows, why not just carry and shoot those? Wind will be a problem, sensors or not. How about a laser pointer?
Boomershine, Oct 07 2010

       So, where you live, wind doesn't gust?
pertinax, Oct 07 2010

       [pertinax] or perhaps the Dispenser will license Lockheed- Martin's One Shot technology <link>
mouseposture, Oct 07 2010

       [mouse] Which will bring new meaning to the word 'navigate'...for anyone else in the vicinity. Besides pointing the direction the Dispenser will clear the path ahead.
Boomershine, Oct 07 2010

       Exactly [Boomershine] nobody wants people in their way when walking.
kaz, Oct 07 2010

       A GPS controlled bulldozer would work, no back pack required. I guess you could just drive the thing yourself, come to think of it, following the GPS.
Boomershine, Oct 07 2010


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