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DisPair.com - CanIGoOutLikeThis?

Website for appearance challenged people
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Yesterday evening my daughter looked at me and said: I hope you didn't go out like that. "Why" I asked "what's wrong". You can't wear that color shirt with those pants.

In comes DisPair dot com the new app for pairing clothes, colors and looks.

If your worried that what you are wearing really does not look good, simply take a fast snapshot (in the mirror or directly) and this app will show it (anonymously) to the website's experts.

You can choose from a different breed of style experts according to age, style and other things which I have no idea about, and they'll tell you what to correct.

pashute, Apr 08 2014

Prior Pants What_20Pants_20Should_20I_20Wear_3f
An app to aid in the appointment of appropriate appartated apparell. [Alterother, Apr 08 2014, last modified Apr 12 2014]


       In your case, the first step should be a paper bag over your head ...
8th of 7, Apr 08 2014

       how does that help?
pashute, Apr 08 2014

       It doesn't Who said the first step should be helpful, useful or relevant?
pocmloc, Apr 08 2014

       By the way, [8th], in the movie "Saint Clara" the teacher and principal enter Clara's house. The principal says: "I hereby declare this as school territory no one is to speak without permission".   

       After a brief introduction to the crazy immigrant Russian family members (presumably affected by the Chernobyl disaster) the weird one eyed uncle picks up a giant knife, walks over to the teacher and says:   

       "Your a math teacher, no? How do you cut this cake into seven even peaces, eh?"   

       He then gives him a beautiful large round icing cake. The math teacher holds the knife cutting the air over the cake and trying to figure it out, when the uncle finally takes the cake and knife:   

       "Give me this! Here, it's easy. I cut the cake in half, then mark an X. I get exactly 8 even pieces. Here Stalin!" he says, and throws a large piece of the cake to the big dog in the corner, who gobbles it up.   

       I just read that the talented kid that played the protagonist committed suicide in 2002 so that's probably the reason there are no clips of the movie on youtube.
pashute, Apr 08 2014

       // plain rude //   

       It was a quick riposte, we'll try for something fancy next time.
8th of 7, Apr 08 2014

       It would be much ruder to say *put a plastic bag over your head* !
xandram, Apr 09 2014

       I'm trying hard to relate cakes, knives, Russia, anonymity, the USSR, Stalin, or movies to fashion, color, or the internet. While I have noticed many crossrelevancies I cannot see the point being made.
Voice, Apr 09 2014

       I count myself lucky to have remembered the pants.
bungston, Apr 11 2014

       What Bungston said.   

       //put a plastic bag over your head   

       depends on what you mean by 'over'
not_morrison_rm, Apr 11 2014

       [edited] Relevance to the name 8th of 7. The story is about a cake to be cut in 7 equal parts. The solution is to cut it in 8 parts and throw one to the dog (who's name happens to be Stalin). It has nothing to do with this idea, but there is no place in HB for a discussion between members, not relating to an idea.   

       And nice link alterother [+]. Not sure though that I liked the sacrificial burning of bill gates at the stake mentioned at the end of your idea, or was I misreading.
pashute, Apr 13 2014

       /You can't wear that color shirt with those pants. /   

       A series of pants colors and the colors they go with or don't go with? No need to bring in experts after they have made the charts.   

       Old fart chart   

       Young and hip chart   

       Goth chart " does this grey go with that black?"
popbottle, Apr 15 2014

       I edited the annotation about relevance, and added square brackets around [8th] in the original comment, so that (I hope) things are clear now.
pashute, May 07 2014

       [pashute] - "principal", not "principle"
hippo, May 07 2014

       I always get those two wrong.
pashute, May 07 2014


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