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Disaster-relief shelters

We know disaster victims need homes, so build before the disaster!
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In some areas, natural disasters happen regularly; in others, not so regularly. In any case, we know they're gonna happen. So why not build homes and keep them empty until the disaster comes, when the people can move into them? An alternative is to keep tens of thousands of tents to start a tent city.
juuitchan3, Jul 11 2002


       Both are rather Baked (although rather than spare homes, it's usually various kinds of halls that are made available for disaster relief). Do you actually know anything about disaster planning?
DrCurry, Jul 11 2002

       Even in rich countries like the U.S., a farm full of unoccupied but livable homes would be a magnet for squatters. By the time a disaster happens, the emergency town would be nothing but a bunch of crack dens.
gastronaut, Jul 11 2002

       A cousin of mine was a "poster child" for one of these Civil Defense places back in the early 60's - Just picture a happy & smiling 7 year old girl in a frilly dress with a gas mask in her hands.
thumbwax, Jul 12 2002


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