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DiscoBall CD Storage

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BUNGCO is proud to introduce the DiscoBall CD storage device! No longer do your beautiful, sparkly CDs need to sleep in plastic coffins all day. Let them out to shine! The DiscoBall is a sphere made of struts, along which are positioned little discs. CDs can be clicked onto these discs and stored on the ball. Stored data-side out, the ball is a reflective rainbow wonder, especially if targeted with a spotlight. If you forget which disc is which, the ball opens along a hinge, allowing you to view the labelled side of your discs and choose your music.

The DiscoBall comes in a variety of sizes, from the 1 foot diameter mini to the 5 foot Deathstar. An extra DiscoBall is also a great way to recycle promotional CDs that would otherwise become landfill. Order today!

bungston, Jul 18 2004

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       Funny idea, why not make the inside center of the disco ball an actual cd player that somehow plays the discs on the outside! (But that would mean there would be a "hole" in the outside of the disco ball while any particular disc is playing!)
EdisonEnvy, Aug 24 2007

       The mechanism will simply turn the CD around and aim its laser out from the middle. No hole.   

       It's nice when little minor ideas that were ignored years ago suddenly get new life from benevolent half-bakery archaeologists. Gives me hope for some of my past apparent failures in life.
globaltourniquet, Aug 24 2007


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