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Disco on a Train

Dance lab project
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Disco on a Train is a DARPA FUNDED project to produce a dance notation.

It consists of a disco on a train that goes around a precisely controlled circular track that can be angled, curved and turned facing in or out according to lots of cool computer controlled algorithms that the recording system on the train is then hooked to, and the people inside the train dance while the physics in the train changes according to the track and speed, which e recording g system is hooked up to, so then the data is all mushed together and the know differences of the physics is subtracted from the predicted movements of the bodies and a dance notation is worked out so that you can feel someone else making decisions about dancing in real time. The notation could be conveyed to the reader in a combination of audio, video, or just running the train backwards.

JesusHChrist, Aug 07 2012

http://dragonage.wi.../wiki/Trian_Aeducan [not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012]


       Nothing keeps the terrorists away like bad disco.   

       You have a typo or two.
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2012

       what's a trian?
po, Aug 08 2012

       Maybe [treon] knows.
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2012

       It could either be Trian Fund Management, LP or Trian Aeducan the ...erm....noted dwarf in some computer game. See link, if you absolutely must.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012

       /what's a trian?/   

       Used in a sentence: "Is that a conniption fit or are you trian disco?"
bungston, Aug 08 2012

       really though I think the Trian is an organized crime group. Something about ninjas, too. Maybe Yakuza? Opium? All that.
bungston, Aug 08 2012

       Wear your platform shoes when boarding.
Cuit_au_Four, Aug 09 2012

       //Disco on a Train is a DARPA FUNDED project//
You got a [+] right there.
sqeaketh the wheel, Aug 09 2012


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