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Disconcertion Mirror

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In a public bathroom, a person stands at the basin washing their hands. Above the basin hangs a small mirror - it is rather battered and tired, and the silvering has failed in places, producing several irregular black blotches.

As they glance up at the mirror, they are horrified to see a large, gaping gash down their left cheek. Their hand automatically goes to their face, but they feel nothing wrong and, looking again, the gash has gone.

Some time later, another person stands washing their hands. As they check their hair in the mirror, for a split second their reflection's lips curl back to reveal teeth filed to points, and their bloodshot eyeballs pop forward. But only for the briefest of instants.

The Disconcertion Mirror is, of course, a high-resolution display. One of its black blotches hides a camera which is connected to a hidden computer that can perform fast image analysis, gaze detection and image generation. Normally, the screen simply displays a left-right reversed image of the face in front of it, until the computer judges the moment right to disconcert the viewer. Naturally, the camera also records the response of the victim, for the amusement of others at a later time.

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 18 2019

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       See, THIS is what all those fancy "selfie" algorithms need to be used for; not "add puppy ears" and other such fluff.
You have 41 days to build it.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 18 2019

       Well, it can't be that difficult to do ... it's only a bit of software ...   

       <Strolls off to collect Massive Understatement of the Century award/>
8th of 7, Sep 18 2019

       Maybe fast hardware and special glass so it's a mirror until the projected image trumps reflection. It is going to be difficult to beat the speed of reflection with an exceptional computational blend and render to be disconcerting enough.   

       A dedicated two input pixel that instantly flips between reflection and rendered pixel might even be needed.
wjt, Sep 20 2019


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