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Drunker Than I Thought Mirror

Play mind games on drinkers in your local
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I had this idea whilst in a pub so applied it to being within a pub but I suppose it could be used anywhere in public.

Basically it would be a wall mounted LCD / Plasma screen that has a gold border or whatever so that it looks like a mirror.

Mounted in the frame of this would be a web cam connected to a pc.

It would display a reverse image so as to imitate a mirror for people looking into it - but every now and then it would distort the image slightly, maybe add a moustache to someones face - make someone appear in the reflection behind them.

Then it would dissapear shortly after - making the person think Holy Crap, i gotta stop drinking this dark rum, man.

Another idea was to have it imitate a gold fish tank, then have a piranha appear and carve up all the fish, and a moment later back to normal.

meggabrain, Feb 17 2009


       cute idea, but if one wasn't drinking, what would the explination be? or the title for that matter?
losing my vision
crazier than I thought
what a crappy mirror...
xandram, Feb 17 2009

       Baked, they have one of these in my pub.
zeno, Feb 17 2009


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