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Display Glasses

Way of making very good personal displays
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Monitors are nice, but inconvenient, I want a good display built right into a pair of glasses. This has been done before, but still not very well. I think the system could be improved if you only displayed the information the eye needs, high resolution directly where you are looking and low resolution all around.

The idea is to have two small displays built into each side of the glasses, one that is the whole view and one that is just what the viewer is directly looking at. A mirror system would project the whole view like normal glasses, big and grainy, but the other would be projected so that it would always be in the center of your view.

I envision a IR eye position sensor and then a mobile mirror system that adjusts it's projection onto a internally mirrored glasses in the shape of half an oval having the eye at one focus and the mirror at the other.

The eye would be fooled into thinking that the entire display was high res.

The idea originally started as an attempt to create a display like they create laser light shows. Take a three color LED and use a mirror system to quickly scan across a screen like the beam of a CRT. The problem being that the eye has very low permanence, so you need to redisplay 15000 per second. So the small high res area may be able to be done with this system.

MisterQED, Nov 24 2007

US Patent 5,635,947 http://www.google.c...AAAAEBAJ&dq=5635947
[jutta, Nov 24 2007]


       There's quite a bit of patenting going on in that area - see link. I bet the latency issues of rendering quickly enough for a moving eye are hard.
jutta, Nov 24 2007

       If I understand, the idea is achieve higher resolution be only displaying at high resolution the part of the image you're attending to?   

       This is a fine idea, but isn't it likely that display resolution will improve sufficiently to make this redundant? You only need a few twofolds of improvement before the whole field can be displayed at sufficiently high resolution. On the other hand, I know nothing about the factors that limit display resolution, and may very well be talking bollocks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2007


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