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Display Switcher-O-Matic

View Things In Privacy In Public
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I know that there are those fancy covers for screens that limit the viewing angle to only a few degrees in front of the screen, but what I really want is to have something that displays another image instead at outside angles. Imagine your boss walks by, checking up on you. He peeks at your screen, and while you read slashdot, halfbakery, goatse, or whatever you want, he sees you working on some tedious business thing. Customizable, of course, to display whatever you want. It could even come with a proximity detector, to switch on when someone other than you is within a certain distance. Yea, it would work.
r84x, Sep 10 2003

discussed before.. http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Boss_20pedal
[po, Oct 17 2004]


       Could work like the pseudo 3D pictures you sometimes find in the cereal. They interleave two pictures in thin strips and put some kind of mask with tiny prisms on top.
It shouldn't be too hard to replace the pictures with an LCD screen. Make the video driver think that it is a double wide screen. Left side for wide angle display, right side for narrow angle display. Also great for two players on one screen. (+)
kbecker, Sep 10 2003

       + Just because you could play two-player computer Battleship on it.
Cedar Park, Sep 10 2003

       It's your work computer, so your boss bought it for you. What are the chances of him shelling out more cash for a display that enables you to slack off?
English Bob, Sep 11 2003

       [E Bob]'s concern is valid, but there may be a solution.
Make a screen with the prisms to put in front of your monitor. It would look like one of those static or glare protectors. Then load the video driver so it interleaves the pictures on the existing screen. You will loose resolution because horizontal pixels width is only 1/2, but its good enough for surfing the half bakery.
kbecker, Sep 11 2003

       Then your boss would invent special glasses to defeat the illusion.
LabRat, Sep 11 2003

       You *read* goatse?
my face your, Sep 11 2003


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