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Do-it-yourself Poison Dart Frogs

Makes everyone's day more colorful
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Tired of regular frogs? Try painting one your favorite fluorescent color, then either keep it as a pet or let it roam the streets of the neighborhood.

No need to start off with any tropics-oriented species either. Invest in one which is at home in your climate, and the fun will last that much longer.

Also, though the frogs may be at first averse to their new 'coat', the reaction they will get from the opposite, froggy, sex will soon offset this disadvantage.

bricoleur, Feb 07 2003

Frog Legs http://www.foodsubs.com/MeatOther.html
The other, other white meat. Note: paints containing lead may be toxic, so use water-based latex paints on your frogs! [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Frogs attract the opposite sex through their mating calls, so I doubt the new coat of paint will help them very much.
DrCurry, Feb 07 2003

       Finger lick'n good   

       Please bake this and report your results. I know a few poor souls who would likely be willing to paint themselves in festive colors in order to get the (claimed) added benefit. Then of course we'd need to address the breathable paint issue, or the frogs won't be the only ones "croaking".
X2Entendre, Feb 08 2003

       Frenchmen at football games?
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2003

       Use food coloring.
Madcat, Apr 11 2003

       don't frogs die when they have sex?
my-nep, Oct 18 2003

       painting by numbers?   

       this is riveting; I like it if you can overcome the froggy health issues.
po, Oct 18 2003

       Frogs are amphibians, and like many people have pointed out; they absorb thing through their skin. If you were to coat it with paint you would effectively overheat and suffocate the frog, killing it. And I don't think you could find a non-toxic paint that wouldn't clog the pores in its skin and not wash off of the frog because of its aquatic environment. This would just slowly kill a species, which is already becoming endangered and extinct. Frogs don’t need anymore trouble surviving than they already have. Let them be.
thelambs, Oct 18 2003

       [po]: sp: ribbeting.
Cedar Park, Oct 18 2003

       my frogs say rivet, rivet
po, Oct 19 2003

       Assuming that you were somehow able to create a paint that was safe for the frogs' skin, there would be another problem. Brightly-colored frogs would be easier to see than camoflauged frogs, which would therefore make them prime targets for predators. In such a case you'd be better off keeping it as a pet than setting it free.
Kryptid, Jul 16 2007

       [po] Is your frog called Rosie by any chance?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 16 2007

       //Brightly-colored frogs would be easier to see than camoflauged frogs, which would therefore make them prime targets for predators.//   

       If you painted them yellow and gave them little wings, they might mistake them for big fat wasps.   

       Or give them red, yellow and white stripes for that obese deadly snake look.
Loris, Jul 15 2008

       more easily seen, but lees easily identified as a frog.
Voice, Jul 16 2008


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