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Docking Bags

Air cushion for docking boats
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My idea uses a system to dock a boat safer and more efficeiently. My idea is to have an air compressor powered air cushion that would deploy while docking in difficult to dock places for fiberglass and other weak matierial craft. This would replace exisiting bumpers that dont work as well because the time consumingness of setting them up and the ineffictiveness of them. These bags would also retract back very effectivly. The bags would cover the sides and bow of the boat and could be effective on docks that dont have proper sea walls or rocky docks.
JoeLounsbury2004, Oct 22 2003


       I like it. (FYI: Joe, if you lost the password to your other account, click the link that says "report a problem" at left and the bakesperson can help you_)
krelnik, Oct 22 2003

       Useless. Landing a boat is not that hard anyway, you just need to think ahead a bit and know what you are going to do. This will only be an advantage for novice sailors that rent a motorboat and then assume driving it is just like driving a car. I dont like to see more of those people on the water.
nietsch, Mar 21 2004


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