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Doctor Who inbreeding

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Seems David Tennant got married to a lady,who is the offspring of another former Doctor Who (Peter Davison)

Looks like going down the road of inbreeding..

Might be handy to have more fingers when using the sonic screwdriver

not_morrison_rm, Oct 18 2020


       The reproductive genetics of Time Lords are not well documented ...
8th of 7, Oct 18 2020

       Why not? I always figured Dr. Who fans were a heavily inbred lot themselves...
kdf, Oct 18 2020

       Not the one electron universe again.
wjt, Oct 19 2020

       To be fair there's like ... 2 timelords left, so the population is going through a bit of a bottleneck.   

       Although then again, the Doctor is kind of a humanoid phoenix anyway, so maybe the depth of the genepool isn't such a concern.
Loris, Oct 19 2020

       What's wrong with the one particle universe theory?
Voice, Oct 19 2020


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