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Dog Cars

Have your dogs run around in flinestonish cars.
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Dogs would really get a kick out of this, and so would you. With such a small cost, you can't really pass it up if you own a dog.

Lots of advantages here.
1. you get to watch your dog speed around like barney rubble while you sit back and laugh about the funny things that will soon go on.
2. The dogs get a great workout.
3. You can put stuff in the car with them like your kids. You can only do this once the dog is certified to carry kids and the two can't leave your sight. If the dog gets a full license, he can go to the store for you, but can still not carry kids past your sight. This is all in the future though, no need to focus here.
4. You can have your dogs play bumper cars.
5. Buoyant cars will quickly convert into boats. Directions: Insert dog with car into water.

daseva, Mar 01 2007

Dog Wheelchairs http://www.dogkarts.com/
The things people do... [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 02 2007]


       This is good! You should think about working it up into an idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2007

       I knew I'd seen something like this before - dog wheelchairs!
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 02 2007

       Lots of advantages! Regular old dogs walking around will be a thing of the past!   

       I think a trip back and forth through the babelfish translator can only improve this idea. Let see...   

       The advantage here it is many.   

       1. While laughing the stability, it continues eventually concerning strange thing, like the rubble of. quarrel the fact that you look at the speed of your dog is obtained.   

       2. The dog obtains large trial.   

       3. Like your child it can put the raw materials on the car where those have been attached. If the dog to be proven in order to carry the child, cannot leave Tsuga your vision, just the time it is possible to do this. If the license where the dog is complete is obtained, as for him it is possible and/or in spite even to that to go to the store because of you, passes your vision it is possible not to carry the child who. But this entirely the necessity which is concentrated here, in the future is not.   

       4. It is possible to possess the bumper & the car of the play of your dog.   

       5. It changes the buoyant car into the boat directly. Direction: The insert dog which has the car to the water.
bungston, Mar 02 2007

       [Bungston], that translation is too funny! Thanks much for work of you do before me write now.
daseva, Mar 02 2007

       + very cute!
xandram, Mar 02 2007


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