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Dog Show Restaurant

I'm too sexy for your woof
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On your date tonight, don't forget to to take your dog.

The hostess will meet you and your date/wife/girlfriend and your dog. She will take you to your table and after taking your dog's name, she will take your dog to the "green room". While you enjoy appetizers and drinks your pet will enjoy the best canned Alpo. Subsequently, your dog will receive a bath and primping and get ready to model for the crowd. Meanwhile,you order a steak. Every hour on the hour the show begins, the emcee announces your pet's name and he/she proceeds along the runway. Along with your encouraging catcalls, your dog's behavior and general appearance tries to out do the competition. Patrons vote on the best dog. The winner of the competition gets a free meal and your dog gets to strut it's stuff. Fun for all.

leinypoo13, Dec 22 2007


       I never really understood dog shows.
wagster, Dec 22 2007


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