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Dog units

rather than arguing metric vs. imperial...
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What about the "dog year" as the fundamental unit of time, "dog light-year" as unit of distance, and "dog pound" as the unit of mass? Cats might be a better source for the unit of electrical charge.
Ford, Jan 17 2008


       [Ford] I see you are new here... woof woof no more mfd !
xenzag, Jan 17 2008

       Then this site should be called "Halfbarkery"
phundug, Jan 17 2008

       xenzag, I don't get your comment. Something wrong with the name, or the idea? I can see how it could fall into one or more of the deletion-prone categories, but seems consistent with other ideas in the "units" section.
Ford, Jan 17 2008

       Hiya [Ford], I think this stands up as a legitimate idea - a new system of units. I'm not voting for it as you haven't really thought it out or explained it very well. I'm not voting against either because it contains multiple instances of the word "dog".
wagster, Jan 17 2008

       What about not starting lame ideas with the phrase 'what about.'
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2008

       Due to dog relativity, would a dog pound be less than or more than a human pound?
phundug, Jan 17 2008

       dog years is a sliding scale so its not much good as a unit of anything - if that makes sense
po, Jan 17 2008

       [Ford] - you could be right.... ideas which are solely naming systems are sometimes ok. [m-f-d] retracted
xenzag, Jan 17 2008

       its a bit stupid though... dogs are so last year - lets try NEWTS.
po, Jan 17 2008

       I had a wild mustang named Ford.
normzone, Jan 17 2008

       car? my fiesta is a bit feisty...
po, Jan 17 2008

       I can't disagree about it's being stupid. Silly, anyway. But that doesn't seem to disqualify entries.
Ford, Jan 17 2008

       This is a bad idea.
futurebird, Jan 18 2008


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