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Doggie qtips

Cotten swabs as big as the end of my toe!...bigger than the end of my finger!
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My dog has big ears .... a regular qtip is not going to help... he needs a giant qtip!!that I can dip in water and soap and have my butler or wife clean the dogs ears then just throw away!! no more using marshmallows or gluing cotton balls on my wife fingernail files .!! simple..
shradius, Dec 14 2014

The answer to your dog's problems... http://www.google.c...tton+swabs&tbm=isch
get a smaller dog (just kidding). [FlyingToaster, Dec 14 2014]


       If you have a cocker spaniel, you can just thread a bath towel through and work it from side to side.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2014

       (You risk damaging your Cocker's salivary glands that way, though)
lurch, Dec 14 2014

       Wow, [shradius], you're a model of restraint.   

       Began your account in 2002, posted four ideas, and then you meditated until 2014 before posting this and one other idea.
normzone, Dec 14 2014

       ...but welcome back nevertheless.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2014

       //thread a bath towel through and work it from side to side//   

       That's all the more unkind for being true ... and, admittedly, hilarious.
pertinax, Dec 15 2014

       Who knew there was a *cotton swab* category? huh.
xandram, Dec 15 2014


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