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Vibrating Qtips

Rotating Base works similar to electric toothbrush
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The base of the device would be charged like an electric tooth brush: disposable qtip "heads"would be attached to the base. There would be three options: rotation, vibration and of course ejection. This device would also be useful in cleaning multiple piercings by dipping swab in alcohol and using to keep piercings clean.
bubblegrrl79, May 19 2003

Kitchen Appliance Look-Alike http://www.halfbake...liance_20Look-Alike
Just buy the Q-Tip attachment for this [hippo, Oct 05 2004]

(?) Electric Toothbrush http://www.ms-flossy.com/toothbrush.html
More Googling reveals that the Swiss invented the electric toothbrush after WWII, and introduced it to America in 1960. (Another web site suggests that even regular toothbrushes were rare in the US prior to WWII.) [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]


       Arthritic patients or those with carpel tunnel may have limited wrist usage so not all qtip twizzlers may twizzle with ease. Also the device could be handy for cleaning around the house!
bubblegrrl79, May 19 2003

       Q-tips already carry the warning "Entering the ear canal could cause injury", and don't say anywhere that they are actually for cleaning your ears (has a picture of a baby on label - not sure where they're going with that). My point is: obviously they've had enough legal trouble without the things spinning.
Worldgineer, May 19 2003

       Insert Q-Tip in variable-speed rechargeable drill. Do not enter ear canal.
Cedar Park, May 19 2003

       'scuze me, dust?
thumbwax, May 19 2003

       <brushes wax down>   

       during my time woiking in ENT, the advice to patients was "don't put anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow"
po, May 19 2003

       bg79: fair 'nuff. But then it occurs to me, people with arthritis won't be needing to clean their nipple ring piercings for at least another few decades, shirley?
DrCurry, May 19 2003

       [po]: My grandmother said it to me as "Never put anything in your ear except your elbow."
snarfyguy, May 19 2003

       wise woman - same message!
po, May 19 2003

       I thought early vibrators were all medical devices intended for operation by doctors? (Vibrators were invented ca 1850, while electric toothbrushes were invented ca. 1960 - see link.)
DrCurry, May 20 2003

       It hard to believe electric toothbrushes were not earlier than 1975.
bristolz, May 20 2003

       Hey, what about electric tooth-picks, maybe staticly charged to get that extra "dust".
sonarcat, May 20 2003

       Electric q-tips? Well, I guess it's only a matter of time before somebody suggests ear paste.

Hummmm. Hey! How about ear paste?
pluterday, May 20 2003

       ear wax for men with hairy ears. nose wa - never mind...
po, May 20 2003

       Does tw have hairy thumbs? Would finally explain the name.
Worldgineer, May 20 2003

       I love the feeling of cleaning my ears with q-tips, despite the dangers. Would this thing come with a hands free option so that I could sit around all day with that tingly tingly feeling inside my ears.
derriman, May 21 2003

       //Does tw have hairy thumbs?//
//Would finally explain the name.//
I explained it once, though I was requested not to.
thumbwax, May 21 2003

       I am hysterical :)
po, May 21 2003

       You should really see someone (something?) about that.
Worldgineer, May 21 2003

       "Is there a doctor in the house?"
snarfyguy, May 21 2003

       Isn't there a saying that goes "Never put anything in your ear that a doctor has used to treat people for hystaria"?
Worldgineer, May 21 2003

       I've calmed down now - it was a passing phrase.
po, May 21 2003

       ooooooooo qtips. my penetrational daily pleasure. i have issues with them....i think the controlled penetration could be compared to stimulation with a vibrator. maybe i am seeking the ultimate ear stimulation. a cavity is a cavity... is it not?
bubblegrrl79, May 22 2003

       "Deep Throat" posited a woman with a clitoris in her throat. The post above is arguably even more weird.
snarfyguy, May 22 2003

       <a cavity is a cavity... is it not? >

       Deep Throat, now was that Nixon or Clinton or both?
po, May 22 2003

       To a Brit gangster-type would that be "Deep Froat"?   

       I'm confused. Why would I want to brush my teeth with a Qtip? Do they help prevent cavities? Personally I'd really rather use them with toothpaste instead of ear wax, although I suppose the wax would give teeth a great shine. And what's all this talk about keeping the Pearsons clean? I just don't understand you young people today. I'm going to sleep.
Canuck, May 22 2003

       Ever taken it in the ear?
rapid transit, May 22 2003

       Pardon me - you'll have to speak up. I've got these cotton buds stuck in my ears...
PeterSilly, May 22 2003

       // <a cavity is a cavity... is it not? > //   

       bubblegrrl79, take this quick test:   

       [arse] <-----> [hole in the ground]   

       Can you tell the difference?
waugsqueke, May 22 2003

       cav·i·ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kv-t) n. pl. cav·i·ties A hollow; a hole. A hollow area within the body: a sinus cavity. A pitted area in a tooth caused by caries.
bubblegrrl79, May 22 2003

       And cherries, if you don't brush that is.   

       hey this probally the best idea yet. Me and several friends are working on making a prototype now thank s for the idea!:)
Vtipper, May 06 2007

       // A pitted area in a tooth caused by caries// Help, I always get these two confused; "caries" - is that tooth decay, or a guinea pig?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 06 2007

       "Taame Haminhagim" is a famous ancient Jewish book (in Hebrew) which compiles many home remedies. Many end with "T&C" - tried and confirmed.   

       For example: "He who burns half of his beard is extremely stupid". [T&C]   

       There's a footnote, in which the author explains how this was tried. He caught his beard between his fingers, allowing only for the bottom part to show, and lit it with a candle. The fire reached his fingers and he had to let go, quickly burning the rest of his beard. He was immediately able to confirm the saying.   

       I also read a physics textbook where a professor tells about her experience in bouncing liquid nitrogen on her tounge.   

       Seems the electric qtip can be extremely useful for these people.
pashute, Aug 25 2009

       You know that feeling you get when you use a q-tip in your ear. [bubblegrrl79] does. It's an eargasm.
normzone, Aug 28 2009


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