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Doggy Velcro Seat

Stick your Pet in place.
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Dog hair sticks to Velcro remarkably well. This special seat for your pet will keep him or her from jaunting all over the car while you are trying to drive and keep your passengers slobber free. We're still working of the "getting your pet un-stuck part".
emkayande, Oct 09 2001


       You must be able to make velcro where the hooky bits can be straightened on application of an electric current (sorry, Rover) or some other stimulus. That'd solve the "getting your pet un-stuck" problem.   

       (Of course, instead of velcro you could use "Self-Styling Hair", if ideas involving nanobots weren't punishable by death).
pottedstu, Oct 09 2001

       I liked having my dog run around the car. I especially was amused at how she'd lean into the corners.
rapid transit, May 23 2003

       Not sure on this one, tempted to give it a (+) just for making me chuckle. My dog used to like sitting behind me and looking over my shoulder. Quite off putting to see a bearded collie in the rear-view mirror, with tongue out, I can tell you.
silverstormer, May 23 2003


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