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Domino domination.
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"...And we're back." "For those of you just tuning in you're watching the tenth annual or Deca-Dominathalon brought to you in part by our good friends at Dominos Pizza."
"That's right Jim and we couldn't have asked for a better day, it's slightly overcast but that's only helping to keep the athletes cool and should help with overall endurance." "The physical and mental stress of this event is really starting to take its toll on the remaining competitors."
"I should hope so Bill, the race started exactly nine hours and forty seven minutes ago, and more than half of the athletes which started this marathon have succumbed to the toppling monoliths." "A quick look at our leaders now as they come around the hairpin turn on their way up the arduous climb up to the top of the bluffs." "This is the most grueling portion of the course, a three hundred yard incline that, by lap five, probably feels more like three thousa..."
"We've got action at the back of the pack Jim, number forty three, Heywood Jasperadime is barely clinging to the top of his domino, let's check the instant replay and see what caused him to lose his footing." "He's on the straight of way; He seems to be handling the oscillations caused by leaping from the center of one domino top to the next nicely."
"You have to remember Bill that the contestants don't weigh enough to topple the dominos themselves but the impact of landing on a twelve foot tall foam rubber slab starts a ripple effect which the racers can use to help propel themselves to the top of the next domino, sometimes over shooting it, or can steal the energy from their leap causing them to plummet to the nets below, and I'm betting that's what Heywoo..."
"It's his shoelace Bill, look at the close up from camera nine." "Right there, you see?" "Oh his Nike sponsors aren't going to be impressed with this." "He's tripped himself with his own laces, Velcro cross trainers are the only way to go with this event."
"He's trying to get back up Jim." "If he can regain his feet he might be able to get back in this race but getting far enough ahead to be able to lace that shoe is going to be a problem." "Heywood has swung one leg up and is trying desperately to pull himself onto his domino; the third one back is toppling." "Now the second, he's not going to make it!"
"OH, that had to hurt Bill!"
"Yep, folded him up like a taco." "Paramedics are rushing in, we'll have to wait for the reset delay to see how badly... wait, he's slithering out from between them." "He's up on his feet; he's all right, just a bit shaken."
"We will see if last years' record of twenty six hours and fourteen minutes will be broken after a word from our sponsors, don't touch that dial."

(?) DOMINO RALLY! http://www.grandriv...&productId=1154&pb=
No, this has nothing to do with women in leather. [Letsbuildafort, Oct 05 2004]


       Very interesting. I love the "As you know, Bob" in the middle bit.   

       I wonder though, what prevents the entire course from collapsing when one falls?
waugsqueke, May 02 2004

       The entire course does collapse, just one at a time. After a pre-determined amount of time the fallen dominos are reset like bowling pins so the course is a continuous loop.   

       It would seem easier to have them run through doorways (in the middle bottom of each domino) trying to keep ahead of the falling front that was initiated a few seconds after their start.
FarmerJohn, May 02 2004

       Much easier.   

       Sounds like fun, I'd watch it, I rarely watch sports. +
sartep, May 03 2004

       I thought this was going to entail a Dominatrix event being considered an Olympic sport (so many rediculous things are Olympic Sports nowadays anyway)   

       Why don't the dominoes that Heywood Jasperadime knocks over eventually take out the front runners in the race? If the race is a continuous loop then any fall wipes out all others even if the dominoes automatically set back-up after a time (unless the topling effect is slower than the average time it takes a contestant to leap from one to another).   

       This is excellenty wierd, but I'd never want to participate or watch it.
Bamboo, May 03 2004

       //"You have to remember Bill that the contestants don't weigh enough to topple the dominos themselves."//
You would have to stay in front of the toppling dominos for as many hours as you can. They are reset before the leader completes a lap, but the dominos would all fall at a fixed rate. I pictured them as doing everything you see a single row domino course do; curving spirals, up and down hills and such.

       Ok, I had this pictured as a sort of jumping race marathon on top of dominoes (like a marathon on the moon) where if you weren't careful you started them falling. Thats clearly not the case and I understand it much more clearly now as the same sort of jumping race but stimulated by a perpetual game of being chased by falling dominoes which are in fact the same dominoes you are jumping to and from.   

       I might play this and maybe even watch it, for a while. Its still a clever idea. Oddly, just adding the element of perpetually being chased makes it a great deal more exciting than just a strange marathon
Bamboo, May 03 2004

       Yet another idea baked after the fact.
I just saw running on top of dominoes on tonight's Most Extreme Elimination Challenge while flipping through the channels.


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