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Don't Take the 'Bate II

things have rebates; if they lapse then a charity gets the funds
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numerous items have rebates; my perception is that this is a calculation on the part of rebate offerers who know that they will attract a bunch of optimistic persons that believe they will complete the rebate process but the calculated effect is such that few enough actually complete the process so that rebate offers move product at higher profit

that's fine, but there's an opportunity to create rebates that lapse to a charity automatically

the consumer feels happy about skipping their rebate plus the firm makes funds plus charities also make funds

beanangel, Feb 24 2008


       This I don't understand. What is this "rebate" business? Is it a cash reward for buying the product?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2008

       Ah, right. I presume it's more of an American thing. Thanks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2008

       I'm not yet aware of a company that says, get your rebate, or just ignore it we will give most of it to unicef or marine mammals (visit our site n vote)
beanangel, Feb 24 2008

       If I don't "complete the rebate process", how does the firm know that my rebate goes to charity? Do I send an incomplete form to notify them?
Amos Kito, Feb 24 2008

       //we will give most of it to unicef or marine mammals// You shouldn't give money to marine mammals, as a rule. Dugongs handle it wisely, and generally invest it toward their children's education or wedding, but they're the exception. Most seal species tend to squander cash on cheap booze, and they wind up just lying around looking for handouts. Same goes for dolphins - they just can't handle the wealth. I once knew a dolphin who'd trained for years with the navy. Someone thought they were doing him a favour and gave him 20 quid - next time I saw him, he'd lost all self respect; spent his last days bow- wave-riding, hoping for a handout from the tourists. And whales? Don't talk to me about whales. Oh yes, they're nice enough when they're sober, but a couple of cans of cheap lager and they're just embarrassing to know. The lucky ones beach themselves. Trust me - charity and marine mammals don't mix.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2008

       //Most seal species tend to squander cash on cheap booze//   

       Before heading to the club, no less.
theleopard, Feb 25 2008

       [admin: I don't see this practiced at all yet and am ignoring the MFD tag. UnaBubba, are you sure you didn't just act based on the misleading title?]
jutta, Feb 25 2008

       Rebates are banking on the probable characteristic of laziness that stems from the reptilian center of the human brain, much like altruism .... yeah, the people that are betting on your laziness are probably not going to support the laziness of the impovershed with the same level of optimism as you are. I'll bet it's 10:1 that you are too lazy to fill out the rebate forms, or something around there. Wait a second, that reminds me to do my taxes and get my "end of the year rebate!" This must indeed be why the rich just keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, it's as ancient as a fat mouse getting away from a slow but fat snake .... the reapo man is the fat snake with the borrowed apple and the fat mouse is Evelucy in that analogy.   

       Fa la la la la! Duh, Me Am An Id Iot Oh An Dal Lhi Kno Wis Dum Li Ke Soc Ra Tes!
quantum_flux, Feb 25 2008

       // Fa la la la la! Duh, Me Am An Id Iot Oh An Dal Lhi Kno Wis Dum Li Ke Soc Ra Tes! \\   

       WTF did I just say!? I think I said like 10 different things depending on how the human mind measures it! I'll leave it open to everybody elses interpretations!
quantum_flux, Feb 27 2008

       Methinks [quantum_flux] has been into the catnip again...
Canuck, Feb 27 2008


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