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Don't slam doors in hotels

Courtesy sign in hotel rooms
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How many times have you been in a Hotel room and been woken up by the person in the next room or two down the corridor, slamming their door shut whenever s/he enters or leaves their room. Hotel rooms should have a notice on the inside face of their doors encouraging people to close their hotel room doors quietly during the period of say 10pm – 8am. This would hopefully act as a courtesy to fellow hotel guests to allow them to sleep a little less disturbed.

I’ve been in many hotels around the world and never once have I seen a sign that encourages courtesy to fellow hotel guests.

NumboJumbo, Jul 15 2009

Bruno Latour explains how a hotel manager may accomplish this. http://www.bruno-la...e/47-GRAPHS-SSS.pdf
[rcarty, Sep 09 2010]

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       Try staying in a "hotel". Of course that means paying "real" money. Most of these "hotels", with more than three stars, have a pnuematic supression device... Two stars or fewer generally have rubber stoppers...
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       or like a generator on the doorhinge that operates between 10-8; close the door too fast and get a shock.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       I notice I fell into a trap of my own making in my previous annotation.   

       "More than three stars" and "Two stars or fewer", leaves three stars unattended.   

       However it is my hypothesis that three star hotels are an undiscovered wonder of the world. Continually striving to be "more than three stars", whilst fighting the woes of two stars or fewer, on a budget that attracts both.   

       Whenever I go to a three star hotel I expect two star ammenities and service, and I am usually pleasantly surprised. Whenever I go to four star hotel I expect five star service and I am generally dissapointed. Whenever I go to a two star hotel, I expect one star service, and I am generally correct.   

       This inaccuracy of measurement is due only to my expectations. Ergo, three star and five star establishments are the only hotels to stay in...for me at least.
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       There are accomodations at the same level, and with reasonable proximity to, the parking lot? Jeeves! Meet me in the foyer with the car, we have to leave...
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       Oh, I forgot to mention the angled nylon washer most good door hinges already have...
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       Dilution is the solution to pollution. If there were a steady noise of randomly slamming doors, it would serve to obscure the occasional slammed door of a real hotel patron coming or going. It would be a simple matter to create a robot arm attached to a door which would slam it with varying amounts of force. One could govern the slamming action with a decibel readout attached to an internet radio station such that the door provides a counterpoint to the bass.
bungston, Jul 15 2009

       //If there were a steady noise of randomly slamming doors, it would serve to obscure the occasional slammed door of a real hotel patron coming or going//   

       But what if none of the real patrons are slamming doors? Then they are subjected to endless door slamming noise for no reason. Better to fit some mechanism that makes the door hard to slam.
Bad Jim, Jul 15 2009

       /But what if none of the real patrons are slamming doors? /   

       Then you do not frequent the same questionable by-the-hour hotels that Numbo does, and there is no need for any solution.
bungston, Jul 15 2009

       I recommend "backpack hotels" "youth hostels" "group hotels" and all the other words for those ultra- inexpensive hotels where a night costs $15 and you sleep in a shared dorm. you meet all kinds of fascinating people and hear all kinds of stories. Life feels freer there.
Voice, Sep 09 2010

       My solution would be similar to bungston's but without the robot arm (which I accept makes it inferior).   

       Simply spend a few minutes slamming you own door as loudly as possible, yelling obsenities all the while.   

       All other patrons will fall still and silent, possibly holding glasses to the wall, trying to work out what the heck is going on in your room.   

       When you stop yelling, the place will be quiet as a funeral, and you will be able to sleep sound in the knowledge that most of the other guests will be gossiping about whether your lack of yelling means you've been murdered.
Fishrat, Sep 11 2010

       Try staying at a decent hotel.
Ah Supp, Oct 07 2011

       It's not the hotel; what you need is decency among the guests.   

       Enforced by vigilante law, if necessary.
Alterother, Oct 07 2011


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