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Donkey moving

How to move that b@5!a£d donkey.
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Donkeys sometimes never want to move, a simple solution is to get a hot air balloon attach it (without basket) to the donkey. Rise it just slightly above the ground and then push the donkey where you want him to go (e.g. into the next field). this idea can work with all sorts of other bad tempered animals.
DRudge, Mar 16 2004

Similar idea by Klaatu http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Para-loon_ae
[theircompetitor, Oct 04 2004]


       You have this problem a lot?
DrCurry, Mar 16 2004

       tc, you are so silly!
po, Mar 16 2004

       I s this an Echo then? Sorry I am not a very good Halfbaker - Too many rules
The Kat, Mar 16 2004


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